5 points that make your website stand out


And just at the thought of getting your website, many leave it for the future. There is so much to combine and consider that it makes the venture daunting.

Especially in cases where you want to leverage it to increase your sales or influence, then it gets even more complicated. After all, your website is not enough to be beautiful, it must also bring you income.

Most designers focus on a good design and put the desired results second. That’s why he needs special attention in choosing your partner.

At ArtisWeb we design websites that are aesthetically pleasing while at the same time achieving the results you desire. In this article we offer you the principles on which we build your websites.

So let’s see the points that determine the success of your websites:

1. They have the right design

They are optimized for mobile devices

Whether we like it or not, the days when you only accessed the internet from your desktop computer are over. More than 50% of searches are made from mobile devices and this percentage is constantly increasing. Therefore, one of the most important features is mobile optimization.

So the design of the website should be done in a way that can be adapted to all screens and sizes.

Speed ​​buys visitors time

If the website takes more than 4 seconds to load, then you better be handing out flyers.

The slower the website, the more likely it is users to leave it. Specifically, Google suggests that a website will it must load in 3 seconds at most so it can hold them its visitors.

Therefore, your web pages should be as long as the as fast as possible so as not to disappoint your visitors, who do not it will be quite a while before they do their next search.

Keep in mind that no matter how fast the website is, if the server takes an “age” to respond, don’t expect the website to be fast. Therefore, we choose hosting companies that offer satisfactory speeds.

Everything is where you expect it to be

Your website visitors follow specific patterns in how they browse the web. They have acquired a way of thinking and follow it every time they enter a website.

As much as we want to innovate in design, if visitors do not find the menu in the place they expect, they will soon leave the website, as shown in the following examples:

  1. when the website logo is in the center, then it is six times more difficult for users to find the home page. And why it’s so important, because it’s the first place they’ll go if they feel lost.
  2. when it is difficult to find the menu or even worse not
    he finds it with nothing. Most of the time visitors are disappointed and
    they just go away.

Therefore, we follow consistent design patterns and try to give our own aesthetic to all other parts of the website.

2. They have an identity and through it they express you

We use appropriate fonts, weights and size

The type of fonts and the combination between them are among the first points that will speak to the subconscious of your visitors. Behind this of course are hours of reading different media and genres of writing.

So if we want to give a strict style to the website us, we cannot use playful font.

Also, using more than two fonts alters the look and identity of the website.

When it comes to the size and weights we choose, we should understand the way the human brain works. It is the contrast and comparison between fonts that draws our attention.

As a result, anything we want to highlight, such as titles of the texts, it should stand out from the main text. We are achieving this by using a larger font size and weight.

Finally, our text should be as easy to read as possible, so too small size or too much density, simply tire our website visitors.

We carefully study the colors we will use

Perhaps the easiest way to ruin the aesthetics of a website is the reckless use of colors. This is where the final appearance of your website will be judged to a large extent and for this it needs special attention.

The feelings you will convey to its visitors website, depend on the colors you use. For example, the
red will give vitality, intensity and passion while blue calmness and prestige.

The identity of your activity should be captured in the colors you use, for this and the most basic point in the design of the website is to understand the identity of your business.

In any case, we use colors in moderation and do not overdo it.

3. They have content that deserves the attention of your visitors

You focus your attention on the needs of the visitors

The easiest way to drive a visitor from your site is to start talking about something that is simply not of interest to them. What is certain is that he has little time available so he will hardly devote enough to something that does not concern him.

However, we find that on several websites the content does not focus on visitors and how they can
they benefit. Instead, they tell a story about how great they are themselves.

But your visitors have desires, goals, fears, anxieties and problems!

If you design your website in a way that gives a satisfactory answer or explanation to the above, then your visitors will keep coming to you. If you keep offering them, you can be sure that they will become your customers.

As we said, the goal of a website is to convert your visitors into your customers.

Your visitors read your content quickly

Lest you think that everything written on the internet is read in its entirety, we remind you that the users of your website will read an average of 28% of its content.

This of course does not mean that you should write less!

On the contrary, we want the website to be easy to read and to provides points of attention on which the visitor can stand, without he needs to read all the content.

These points are the titles and subtitles, the small ones paragraphs, text formatting, lists, quotes, images…

This way you make the content feel like an easy read, which makes it look more interesting.

The empty spaces rest the eye and the thoughts

On our web pages we want to have enough empty spaces in a way that of course preserves its coherence.

This way we allow visitors to understand better the content, we increase their attention, we make it more visible rest easy to read and clear.

When you don’t have enough empty space, you cause stress and confusion to your website visitors. At the same time, you lose the ability highlight the points you want.

On the other hand, if the gaps are particularly large then the website loses its coherence.

4. They have graphics and images that are etched in the memory

You need photos made for you

The easy way to make a website (at least when it comes to photos) is to find ready-made photos from the internet. But such a choice has a big drawback.

It confuses the visitor and your image!

The photos you use for good or bad should with some way to add or be continuity to your text. At the same time, you want to match the look of your website.

Therefore, we prefer to use original photos of ourselves that tell a story to our visitors and are tailored to
our identity.

If you can’t get your own photos then it is good to reduce their use.

In cases where you use graphics instead of photos then it is even more important that they have the same character.

They have appropriate size, proportions and information

When we use a vertical photo to cover a horizontal space, the effect is to stretch it. Of course, it is very easy for someone to distinguish that such a photo has been distorted.

Visitors consider such a result to be “cheap labor” for this and we choose the dimensions of the photos correctly us.

A key element, as we said before, is the speed. The larger the size of our photos, the slower your website is loading. Therefore, a large photo should be optimized and have the appropriate format (PNG, JPEG, gifs).

Finally, don’t forget to give descriptions and titles to your photos, they will help Search Engine Optimization among others.

5. Your website has the necessary legal coverage

You need a privacy policy, there’s no other way!

If you go out on the street and ask passers-by what the privacy policy is, you don’t expect to hear many who know. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need it.

Even if no one reads it while your website exists, it includes the coverage you need, especially in situations where you’re asking for personal information from your visitors. At the same time, it gives you prestige in the eyes of your visitors.

You need terms of use and conditions

Many of your customers want to see the terms on which they are going to make the deal with you. There are quite a few who pay attention to the terms on which you provide for example a guarantee of good quality or how you are paid.

Therefore, although boring as a process, it is necessary for a good website.

Bottom line: your website can become great

As we said at the beginning, the main goal of your website design is to bring you closer to achieving your goals.

You want your visitors to become your customers. Do you want to your income and influence increase.

It is not particularly difficult to achieve this goal, it is enough to give the necessary emphasis to the points we have analyzed, to the design, in identity, content, graphics and legal coverage.

Of course, there are other points that need to be taken into account when building a website. But these are the points that you should pay the most attention to so that your investment does not go to waste.

At ArtisWeb we design websites that have all the elements needed for your success. Nice design, great speed, speak to your customers, express your identity, have personalized images and are legal.

For more information on the success of your website, contact us after you finish this article!

Good luck!

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