What is copywriting? The art of writing texts that sell


Are you investing in promotional activities and not seeing results? Most of the time it is not your fault but your texts or otherwise the copywriting!

Most people think that selling is done only through personal contact.

What you will discover by reading below is that with writing you can influence and convince many more people to make a purchase without you being present.

How will you do it? By using the written word!

Your journey towards mastering this skill will definitely be a long one, we’re not telling you otherwise. But with this guide you will get all the supplies you need to make a dynamic start.

What we will analyze below are the following:

Why don’t you know what “copywriting” is?

How to create texts that increase sales

6+1 steps to texts that turn visitors into customers

Reasons your texts fail to close sales

How to find an excellent copywriter

So what is Copywriting?

Why don’t you know what copywriting is?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question will not leave you very satisfied, or even worse, it will enrage you, as it happens to us. But why do we get angry?

Because quite simply the use of speech is perhaps one of the most important tools you can have!

After so many years at desks, after so many exhibitions and not knowing what “copywriting” means?

Speaking of which, we also learned something at the desks! We learned theory, grammar, spelling. What we haven’t learned is how to use them. How these will be used to help us achieve our goals.

So on our topic, “copywriting” and what is it?

It’s the art of selling using the written word!

The key point in this interpretation is not the use of the written word. It is the realization of your ultimate purpose. For some it is increasing their influence, for others it is increasing the sales of their activity.

Writing texts does not mean that one is a “text writer” or otherwise a “copywriter”. Writing texts without any ultimate goal is just a hobby, an occupation.

So the first step in mastering this skill is finding your ultimate purpose.

To be more specific, this purpose can be none other than increasing your influence on your readers, influencing their decisions and increasing your sales.

So let’s make one thing clear, if you are reading this article to specialize in writing novels or essays, you are not in the right place.

The copywriter’s purpose is to sell, and to achieve this he needs to have a deep understanding of how marketing, sales and human psychology work.

You will tell me now that the use of this skill is limited. But if you consider the multitude of actions aimed at selling, you’ll probably change your mind quickly.

Copywriting is used in physical and electronic mail promotions, sales websites, print ads, social media, online stores, magazines, and any other text you see around you.

For this reason, the art of selling using texts is perhaps your only skill that, once mastered, can be expanded as much as you wish!

If you can make one sale during your interaction with one customer, you can surely develop the skill of selling to many at the same time.

So think about the benefit you will get if instead of 1 customer, you contact 100 or even better 1000. Your profit is now many times greater.

At the same time, sales come without your physical presence. The time invested is only the hours you spent writing your text.

This is the power of copywriting, especially in an age when communicating with a wide audience is easier than ever.

If you are wondering what is the value and impact of the skill of copywriters, we bring you the following:

The way you write, communicate and formulate your advertising messages is the determining factor in whether your product sells for €100 or €1000 or even more.

The impact your message will have on the final price directly depends on your skill level. Don’t panic though, you don’t need to be the best copywriter to see results.

It is enough to understand the principles that we will analyze below, make small changes in the way you communicate, and the results will not be long in coming.

In your endeavor, the most important tool is to consider the results of your every action. In other words track the conversion rate of your readers into buyers. A useful tool you can use for this purpose is advertising with Facebook Ads.

This means that you should constantly review your material, by whatever means you have at your disposal. The advantage you have in the information age is that you can calculate almost anything, especially as it relates to influence and sales.

How to write texts that increase sales

The first step to becoming a competent copywriter is to understand that your customers are the protagonists of the interaction between you. They will tell you if the way you communicate with them is effective.

The best strategy is to talk to them. You will see that it is not difficult, as long as you ask for it. You only need a little of their time and with proper handling they will all be happy to help you.

You can offer a small gift or simply show your appreciation for their opinion.

What questions will help you understand them better?

  • Before you started buying from us, what problems did you face?
  • Have you tried buying something different or from someone else?
  • What went wrong?
  • Why didn’t your partnership go ahead?
  • Why did you choose us?
  • Why did you continue to work with us?
  • How do you feel when interacting with us?
  • How does it affect the rest of your life?
  • These questions are a good start. You can adjust them to your activity, increase or decrease them.

What you should remember is that 90% of good sales writing will come from your customers.

Use the information you get as well as the words that convey it to you, be inspired by them or use them as they are.

Here is something important to note:

Customers tell you what they want to buy from you, but what they want is reassurance that you understand exactly what they’re going through. What are their problems, what are their concerns.

They want reassurance that your product or service will help them solve their problems.

6+1 steps to texts that turn visitors into customers

Below you will see step by step the process we follow to write texts that have results. Each of them is of particular importance to copywriting, so don’t skip any of them.

1. Understand what your ideal customer experiences

Before you start writing, you want to know your ideal customer in depth. You’ll know you’ve found him when the following conditions coexist:

  • It should have a real need for your product or service,
  • He should be able to buy,
  • Making the purchase decision should be in “his own hands”.

Most stand on demographics, age, gender, etc. You want to dig deeper.

In addition to the above, you want to understand the situations that lead your ideal customers to come to you.

Now that you’ve identified their ideal customers and the situations that lead to their decision, you can target and approach them precisely.

Remember that good sales writing is 90% research and only 10% creation. In other words, before you write your first word, you should have done your research.

The profit you make from your effort will be proportional to how well you understand your customers and their pre-purchase experiences.

One of the main reasons many ventures fail is that entrepreneurs get excited about an idea and after implementing it realize there is no real need for it.

They fail to realize that no one is interested in their product or service. The reason is, of course, that they did not search for the identity of their ideal customer.

Keep in mind that not everyone can be an ideal customer. No company can please everyone.

For this very reason you want to know who you are targeting so that you can communicate with them effectively.

During your research phase and as you present your proposition and message to your customers, the reaction you expect from them is: How can I buy?

Just a thumbs up isn’t enough, you want to see them move forward in the market. Otherwise, you haven’t found the ideal customer. So keep researching!

If spotting them is easy, you may need to re-evaluate your idea.

2. Make an irresistible purchase proposition

The next step in copywriting is to have in your hands an offer that seems irresistible to the point that no one can resist.

Simply being the cheapest or the best doesn’t help you stand out from your competition.

By understanding what your ideal customer experiences, what their concerns, desires and problems are, you can offer exactly what they crave.

By having an irresistible offer you can say little and sell a lot. It doesn’t necessarily need many words.

3. Make a list of all the features and benefits of your offer

When writing to sell, you want to mention every feature or element of your offering, even if it seems trivial.

At this point let’s separate the features from the benefits. A feature is a feature of your product or service, while a benefit is what you gain from each feature.

So in your text, you want to focus on the benefits you offer, not the features.

Every customer is naturally looking for something different or evaluating each benefit in a different way. That’s why you want the features and benefits breakdown to be as complete as possible.

For benefits specifically, you want to go one level deeper. What do we mean by this?

You have to detect the benefit behind the benefit!

Ideally you should identify the emotion that each feature of your product or service satisfies.

So you want to go deeper than their benefits. You want to find the emotional satisfaction they will provide.

4. Headlines grab your attention from a mile away – Copywriters in action!\

In our time, distraction has a decisive importance in our behavior. At the same time, the time we spend on each piece of information is less than before because the volume we have to consume is huge.

Therefore, it is important to quickly grab your readers’ attention and pique their interest.

How does a copywriter achieve this?
Paying attention to the points that contain the “juice” of your text, which usually stand out and which are most often the headings.

To be more successful in terms of the end result, we suggest you write several headlines and choose the ones you find most effective.

The best way to get ideas for how to write good headlines is to copy!

You can look at the content of a magazine or an ad or whatever catches your eye, understand why it works and adapt it to your own data.

Over time you will find that in magazines, they don’t constantly create different headlines. Instead, they adapt the old ones!

In other words, what you need is the pattern.

A rule of thumb for copywriters to keep in mind when writing sales texts is this:

The purpose of the headline is not to make the sale, but to compel the reader to read the first paragraph!

Similarly, the purpose of the first paragraph is not to make the sale, but to compel the reader to read the second paragraph…

The longer you hold your reader’s attention, the more impact you will have. In other words, the time they will spend on your text is proportional to the sales you will achieve.

The reason this happens is inextricably linked to the nature of man, which is defined by his “time” and “utilization”.

You want to create in your interested customers, the need to read your text to the end, so that they commit to it, acquire a relationship, make it their own.

Finally, a little tip to create interesting headlines is to use “emotional” and “powerful” words.

5. You are authoritative and inspire credibility

Your customers are bombarded with information and advertisements more than ever. As a result, they have developed an ability to distinguish the worthy from the worthless, based solely on the prestige you inspire.

So you want to have authority that will answer any objections or concerns your customers have on their journey to solving their problems.

How will you inspire prestige and credibility?

  • Mention your experience and certifications.
  • View your other customers’ reviews.
  • View what your customers are saying about you.
  • Analyze previous cases where you helped your clients achieve their goal.
  • Reference the scientific studies that support the product or service you offer.

Anything else you can think of that shows your credibility. You want to offer all of this information before your readers reach an objection to what you are offering.

In this endeavor, the best tool you have is the opinions of previous customers, or otherwise what is being discussed about you, or otherwise “word of mouth”.

So you want your text to contain the exact testimonials of your previous customers:

“They are the best I have ever worked with”

“They helped me solve the main problem I was facing for years”

“You changed my life, thank you!”

You can use as many testimonials as you think will help readers trust you.

The only way to get your customer testimonials is to ask for them. If they are satisfied, they will be happy to tell you their opinion, because they appreciate you, how you help them, because their life becomes better with you.

Another useful element that you can include in your text is the answers to frequent questions, or as we say Frequently Asked Questions.

In your research, identify potential concerns of readers and to address them in a way that eliminates them.

But be careful, you will not refer to the characteristics of the product or service. Only to possible objections. You want your reader to think that you are in their thoughts and reassuring them of their concerns.

6. You give the solution against something that hurts a lot

The key to this sentence is not the solution or the pain. We have already analyzed these.

What matters is the “resistance”!

In your text you want to show that without the solution you propose, the unwanted pain will remain.

It must be seen that the solution you propose costs less than the pain they have been in for so long. And this should be clear within your text so that readers can easily compare one situation to another.

If you don’t highlight this comparison, then readers will create their own. Not sure if it will lead them to you though!

7. You clearly call your readers to come to action

You’ve done your research, followed the instructions we provided above, and you’re done writing your text.

So far so good, but if you don’t call your reader to take an action, then they’ll just continue on their journey until they complete their goal.

Be sure that just before he achieves his goal, someone will ask him to take the next step.

Therefore, you want to be the one to help make the final decision, to take the action that closes his search or takes him to the next stage.

A call to action or CTA can be to follow a link, make a purchase, make a reservation, visit your physical store or anything else you think will bring them closer to their final purchase .

But no matter what that action is, you want it to be clear, easy and distinct!

At this point, you should consider one more characteristic of people. Before implementing an action, we try to analyze it and think about it again and again.

This process often leads to paralysis!
So to help them not get caught up in their thoughts, you want to create a sense of urgency. You want them to act now.

Some ways to achieve this are to let them know that your offer is for a short time or for a limited number of customers, that the price is expected to increase very soon, or anything else that achieves your goal.

Reasons your texts fail to close sales

You may have taken up copywriting in the past to increase your sales. If you didn’t get the results you expected, it’s most likely one of the following reasons.

1. They don’t focus on the customer

Many businesses display their activity or advertise their existence. This option does not provide much value to their customers or readers.

Most people don’t care about your accomplishments. Instead, they prefer to learn how their problems will be solved.

So don’t fall into the trap that most people fall into when writing sales texts. Address the ‘I’ of your readers and focus on their own needs.

2. You don’t speak the language they understand

Who said that the written word, especially when intended to sell, has to be unintelligible?

The texts you write should be as close as possible to the words you say in a conversation with a client. After all, this is the purpose, to chat with your readers, without being present.

3. You don’t recognize the value of your texts

You will notice several websites or brochures have a great design, but their texts are sketchy.

The design naturally contributes to a pleasant interaction with the readers. Therefore, you should not neglect it.

But what will be decisive in the final decision is how careful your texts are. Most people don’t notice it because they need to devote energy.

But those who understand that above all is the written word achieve amazing results!

4. You don’t control how readers think

Your customers may be “right,” but they don’t know everything. That’s why they need you to guide them.

So you need to understand why they are paying you. Do they want your experience, your expertise, your solutions? Whatever they need you should recognize and direct them accordingly.

So your customers are not always right, that’s why you want to guide them, check their thinking. This of course should be accompanied by respect and appreciation.

Guiding them without thinking that your purpose is to help them is a very damaging choice. Even if you get a sale, the result will not satisfy them and sooner or later this will spread.

How to find an excellent copywriter

In case you don’t have enough time to deal with writing sales texts, you can hire a partner to do it for you.

To be sure that your cooperation and investment is worth it, you should distinguish some characteristics.

The good thing is that now that you have read this article you know what to ask for in terms of the end result.

The copywriter you work with should show an interest in understanding your business and the behavior of your customers. He must ask questions, want to learn, be willing to investigate.

If he just promises to provide you with a sales text, without asking anything related to the above, he is not a good choice for you.

No matter how much experience he has, if he doesn’t start with the required research, all he will offer is a text.

But you don’t want text, you want to increase your sales, you want to increase your influence, you want to see results!

So what is Copywriting?

As you have seen in this article, it is not difficult to master the art of writing texts that have the purpose of selling. It takes appetite, patience and research!

By following the 7 steps that turn your readers into customers, you will see your success rate increase dramatically.

Writing texts is the most important tool you have and it brings results even if you are not present. With one text, with one promotional action you can reach many customers.

On the contrary, with your physical presence their number will always be limited!

For this very reason, a good sales copy can yield many times more results than several good salespeople.

Whether you do it yourself or outsource it to a partner, make sure it’s based on proper research and the results won’t be long in coming.

So now is your chance to improve your sales texts. Put what you’ve learned into practice and share your success with us.

If you don’t have the necessary time, contact us to see in practice how with the art of copywriting we turn readers into your customers!

What is copywriting in simple words?
It is the writing of texts for the purpose of selling.

How important is it to master the craft of copywriting?
Copywriting is a skill that can yield multiple results in any interaction you have with your customers.

How do I find a good copywriter?
You will understand this from his willingness to understand your identity and investigate the behavior of your customers.

How do I increase the results of promotional actions?
You need to deeply understand your customers, their needs, their desires. Then you will offer them the solution to their problems in a way that guides them to achieve their goals.

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